Many things could be a factor when considering your restless sleep. The temperature may not be to your liking, there could be too much light in the area you are trying to fall asleep, or it could even be that you had a little too much caffeine during the day. You might even have a sleeping disorder you are unaware of. Something very small and simple could affect your sleep, but it could also be something much bigger. Here at the Jacksonville Sleep Center, we would love to help you find a solution as to why your sleep is so bad, maybe even if it is something as simple as the temperature. 

Seasonal Factors

Different seasons have a different impact on people falling asleep at night. During the winter months, there is less daylight and colder temperatures. Less daylight plays an important factor in one’s sleeping schedule. The sleeping hormone known as melatonin is produced in darkness. Winter’s less daylight means more melatonin production, which means more sleep. This works the opposite as well. During summer you might feel like you are having a restless sleep because of more daylight, therefore, less melatonin is being produced. The summer daylight lasts longer and is way brighter than it is in the winter months. Depending on where you live it could be gloomy all day and people could get too drowsy during the day. Thankfully, we are in Jacksonville, so we do not get to experience that gloominess outside too often. What we do experience is a massive amount of heat, humidity, and daylight. 

Temperature Factors

While attempting to fall asleep at night you may be kicking covers on and off trying to get comfortable. In Jacksonville, we don’t usually have to worry about it being too cold when we are trying to sleep, but we do have to worry about excessive heat. Heat increases your wakefulness while trying to sleep. It can also affect your ability to stay asleep during the night, therefore affecting your ability to feel refreshed from sleep. In the summertime, and basically any other season in Jacksonville, the heat can play a significant part in getting a night of good sleep.

Get a Better Sleep Today!

At the Jacksonville Sleep Center, we can help you come up with a solution to your sleeping issues. We can put you through a sleep study to see how your body reacts during your sleep. If you want better sleep, click here to make an appointment today.