I knew I was always tired and that I kept my husband awake with my snoring. Dr. Nassar helped me see that these were signs of a serious medical condition. At my overnight sleep study, I felt comfortable and secure and the test determined I needed a CPAP device. Since beginning treatment I am no longer fatigued and my snoring has stopped so both my and my husband get a great night’s sleep.
Mary Lou R.
I needed to lose weight in order to get my blood pressure under control, but even after 6 months with a trainer nothing had improved. My cardiologist had no explanation so he referred me to Dr. Nassar for a sleep consultation. I received wonderful care and since beginning my treatment for sleep apnea, I now feel rested! It’s like night and day, and the biggest difference is that my blood pressure is under control!
Edward M.
No one looks at an 18 year old girl and thinks that she could be suffering from Narcolepsy. My need to sleep 14 hours a night only to need a nap 2 hours later was diagnosed previously as “too much sports” “stress”, and even “chronic mononucleosis”. I was frustrated and my need to sleep was taking a toll on my personal, academic and athletic life. I realized I was depressed and felt cut off from the world. Dr. Nassar changed that for me. He believed that something was wrong and wanted to help me get my life back. I underwent all of the testing and since i have begun treatment for my narcolepsy diagnosis I feel AWAKE for the first time in years! I can’t thank Dr. Nassar and his staff enough. If you are seeking help for a sleep problem, please GO SEE THEM! Your life will be better for it, I know mine is.
Caitlin P.