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What is Occupational Sleep Medicine?

Occupational Sleep Medicine deals with the sleep disorder diagnosis and fatigue risk management of workers who have demanding and unconventional work schedules and/or jobs that require them to be continually focused and alert. Its objective is to reduce the risk of poor performance and lost productivity due to error and accident in the workplace.

Jacksonville Sleep Center works with professional pilots, drivers, and ship captains as well as members of the Coast Guard to perform evaluations that support the medical clearance necessary to satisfy licensing and/or performance requirements pertaining to their jobs. A comprehensive evaluation will be conducted by a Board Certified Sleep Specialist to determine whether or not you have a sleep disorder.

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If you are screened positive for a sleep disorder during the initial evaluation, our Board Certified Sleep Specialist will review your individual situation to determine the most effective testing and treatment plan to expedite your care.

Our Treatment Success Program:

• Physician monitoring regardless of your location;
• A Success Consultant to contact you if there are any issues with your treatment;
• On-site medical equipment fittings to ensure comfort and compliance with personal oversight by Dr. Nassar and Dr. Festic
• Submission of all required paperwork to your employer and/or licensing agency

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By receiving proper treatment for your sleep disorder you will not only satisfy licensing requirements for your credentials but will also receive other benefits including a risk reduction for hypertension, heart disease, stroke, and diabetes; an increase in alertness and concentration; an elimination of snoring; and a decrease in over-all personal health care costs.

The Jacksonville Sleep Center has a “No Surprises Financial Policy” that ensures that you are aware of any personal financial responsibility before your first appointment. The cost of sleep disorder evaluation, testing, and treatment is covered by most insurance companies with just the standard specialist co-pay. Flexible payment plans are available for self-pay patients.

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Treating your sleep disorder is important for your job, your health, and your wallet.   At Jacksonville Sleep Center we understand how important it is to provide you with the appropriate evaluation and treatment solution for your sleep disorder in days, not weeks so that there is no interruption in your licensure or on-the-job time.

If you are required by your employer or licensing agency to have a sleep disorder evaluation, contact Dr. Nassar, Dr. Festic and their sleep team at Jacksonville Sleep Center.

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