Dr. Nassar, MD, FAASM, FCCP

Dr. Nassar is the Medical Director at Jacksonville Sleep Center. The only full time sleep medicine physician in the First Coast area, Dr. Nassar offers his patients an unmatched level of comprehensive care for the diagnosis and treatment of all sleep disorders.

According to Dr. Nassar, “Sleep is an essential component to a person’s well-being, and with a lack of quality sleep every area of a person’s life can be negatively impacted. Sleep disorders can also disguise themselves as other diseases, and it is incredible to have a patient who, with appropriate treatment, has their symptoms of Parkinson’s, Fibromyalgia, or Dementia significantly improved.” With a deep understanding of the role sleep plays in a person’s overall health and well-being, Dr. Nassar is committed to helping every patient receive the care they need to live the healthiest life possible.

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Dr. Nassar is Board Certified by the American Board of Sleep Medicine. He has also been board certified in pulmonology, Internal medicine, and critical care however now limits his practice to sleep. He completed his Fellowship and Residency through Albany Medical College in Albany, New York. He received his Doctor of Medicine in 1999 from Ross University in North Brunswick, New Jersey. Dr. Nassar is currently affiliated with Baptist Medical Center.

Dr. Nassar lives in North Florida with his wife (also a physician) and their two daughters. He enjoys spending time with them at swim meets and soccer matches.

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Dr. Nura Festic

Dr. Nura Festic is a Board Certified Sleep Medicine Physician, who joined Jacksonville Sleep Center Team in the fall of 2021.

Dr. Festic completed her internship and primary specialty residency training in Family Medicine at Mayo Clinic Florida in 2007, and worked for Baptist Primary Care until 2016, when she was accepted as the very first Sleep Medicine Fellow of the ACGME approved Sleep Medicine Fellowship Program at Mayo Clinic Florida. Subsequent to that, Dr. Festic practiced Sleep Medicine in an academic medical center in the rank of Assistant Professor of Neurology where she continued to participate in clinical, educational and research activities in the field of Sleep Medicine.

Dr. Festic has served as an Education Committee Member for the American Academy of Sleep Medicine for the full mandate duration and has contributed to a number of educational series and publications in the field of Sleep Medicine.

Her areas of expertise include Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Central Sleep Apnea, Insomnia, Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorders, Parasomnias, Restless Leg Syndrome, Narcolepsy and other disorders of excessive sleepiness.

Dr. Festic devotes her full clinical practice to managing patients with sleep disorders, recognizing its impact on overall health status, life quality and, ultimately, longevity of her patients. She takes pride in providing her patients with quality care and personally observes and feels the difference her service makes. Dr. Festic approaches every patient with an open mind and attentively listens to their concerns with each encounter. Her goal is that no patient leaves the office without learning something new about their sleep disorder and always strives to do her best to help them reach their therapeutic goals.

Dr. Festic lives in the Beaches area with her husband, whom she shares professional interests with. They have three daughters of high school and college ages, and they cherish every opportunity they have to spend the time with them. They have a passion for travel and they enjoy supporting each other in their extracurricular activities.

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