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As an accredited Comprehensive Sleep Disorders Facility of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, our approach to treating a patient is very different from other facilities in the area.  Our goal is to evaluate more than just a patient’s sleep but also the underlying health issues that could be having a detrimental impact on you receiving your best nights sleep.

Dr. Nassar

At your first appointment, you will meet with Dr. Nassar for a comprehensive consultation. The goal is to review and discuss all of your sleep-related concerns from the onset so that we can ensure that an accurate diagnosis with effective therapy options is clearly laid out.

The consultation begins with a detailed discussion of your specific concerns. These often include daytime sleepiness, insomnia, restless leg syndrome, and snoring just to name a few. A review of sleep habits and patterns is completed. This helps to identify factors contributing to the issue and also identify other sleep-related disorders.

Active and past medical problems along with current medications are reviewed and discussed. The goal is to identify other medical problem that may be contributing to the sleep disorder.  Next, a focused physical exam is completed. There is special emphasis on the structure of the airway and identification of other abnormalities that may be contributing to sleep disorders.

Jacksonville Sleep Center Clinical Summary

The consultation ends with a discussion of your sleep-related diagnosis. If sleep testing is required we will review the required steps and ensure you are comfortable with the process. You will leave with an understanding of your sleep disorder and a specific treatment plan. We will also arrange for the appropriate follow-up visits.

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