We’ve got the good news you’ve been waiting for. 

Clenching your hands while sleeping isn’t as harmful as you may think. Now, hear us out. We know it may be frustrating and uncomfortable to experience, but truth be told, it’s a natural instinct your body takes when working through feelings, especially unresolved ones. There is a meaning behind everything, and we’re here to break it down, so you don’t have to. 

If you’ve been feeling on edge, confused, or notice new anxiety coming about, your mind is likely in a different headspace than usual. Sound familiar? With your emotional and physical state connected, your body is alerted to react. For some, that means clenched fists in the night hours. Start by assessing why your new feelings have arisen. Grab a pen and paper; you’ll want to take notes!

Do You Feel Angry? 

Many of us are prone to instant gratification. We want immediate benefits. Hello, Amazon Prime! The wonderful invention that delivers same-day, or next-day delivery, fulfilling our wants. Without specific answers to our questions, built-up anger tends to occur, and fist-clenching can start. Maybe your anger stems from your childhood days. Studies have shown your childhood self can play a significant role in your adult self. Working through these events can improve your overall sleeping pattern if you find yourself in this box. 

Is Work Stressing You Out? 

Calling all workaholics! Yep, we see you. Working hard for your upcoming review, hoping for a raise, staying late to prepare for your big presentation, or maybe even taking on more responsibility than you can handle. Taking time for yourself is never an easy task. The quicker you learn to whine down after business hours, the quicker your mind and body will thank you. Fist tightening from heightened anxiety is commonly known. Although it’s not necessary to seek immediate help, it is essential to focus on what daily activities will benefit your mental health. Studies have shown journaling, outdoor walks, reading, and meditating are effective ways to boost happiness and reduce stress. 

Does Arthritis Run In Your Family History?

Arthritis is most commonly known to swell and cause tenderness to one or more joints. Studies have shown that 24% of all adults have arthritis. Leading to stiffness, it’s not unusual for your hands to naturally move, trying to reduce pain. 

Let’s Get To It At Jacksonville Sleep Center

Getting to the root of why your hands are being triggered is the top priority. Your body is turning the light bulb on in your brain to notify you that something is up. That’s where our medical professionals come in handy. During your visit to Jacksonville Sleep Center, we customize our approach to develop a care plan that works best for you. With over a decade of being active listeners, we make sure to hear your concerns. 

Our patients choose us because of our one-on-one sessions to create excellent long-term results. Give us a call today to reserve your slot!