Tips for a Better Winter Sleep

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Sleep patterns may shift during winter and most people are not aware of it. Without understanding the effects winter has on your sleeping, it may be hard to pin point a resolution. The following will draw your attention to a few situations to help you understand the disturbance in your sleep recently. Limited Lighting The [...]

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What Is Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder?

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Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder (DSPS) is a disorder of the circadian rhythm. With this chronic sleep disorder a person’s internal body clock is delayed in regard to the natural fall sleep at night/wake in the morning cycle. If you think you may have DSPS, contact a sleep doctor in Jacksonville who can help you find [...]

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‘Tis The Season for Sleeping Soundly

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The holiday season is quickly approaching and that means your days are soon to be overrun with holiday preparations. Between shopping, cooking, family visits and your office’s holiday party, sleep seems to be all but present. However, making sure you sleep soundly is a sure-fire way to guarantee that your holidays are truly memorable. In [...]

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