Sleep patterns may shift during winter and most people are not aware of it. Without understanding the effects winter has on your sleeping, it may be hard to pin point a resolution. The following will draw your attention to a few situations to help you understand the disturbance in your sleep recently.

Limited Lighting

The deeper we dive into winter, the fewer hours of daylight we are exposed to. The lack of lighting causes the body to produce more of the chemicals that make us feel lazy and less productive. Since sunlight directly impacts the level of melatonin is produced in our bodies, the lack there of can make us feel as though we could use a nap throughout the day. However, you may also be experiencing a condition called SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder.  It can be responsible for sending you into full blown state of depression if you are not careful.

Cooler Temperatures

When the temp drops outdoors – the heat rises indoors. Heating your homes at night can have a negative effect on your sleep quality. It damagingly effects the production of melatonin which encourages a deep restful sleep. If the air is too dry or too warm it tends to dry out the mucus membranes, which makes you more susceptible to Illness. It is up to you to find a healthy balance. For a great sleep, it is recommended you keep the thermostats set between 65-72 degrees Fahrenheit.

Dietary Habits

Certain foods can increase a peaceful night’s sleep such as almonds, turkey, kiwi, fatty fish and walnuts. Foods with high amounts of caffeine, dark chocolate, or high number of calories can keep you wide awake. Throughout the winter months, we get to enjoy some of the most festive and delicious dishes. However, eating the sugary and high calorie foods can make it harder to sleep.

When to See a Specialist

We recommend a consistent bedtime routine, setting the temperature to a comfortable number, and no eating or exercising at least two hours before bed. If sleep deprivation is beginning to impact your day to day life, visit with us at the Jacksonville Sleep Center and get back to sleeping peacefully.