If you’re having trouble sleeping and wonder why you wake up in the middle of the night, contacting a sleep specialist for a sleep study in Jacksonville may be in order. You might have a sleep disorder, which could have serious and detrimental effects on your overall health. Early diagnosis and treatment can address the symptoms and causes before they get too bad. Before you schedule a sleep study, here are some reasons why you might wake up in the middle of the night and some helpful tips for dealing with them.

Waking Up to Go to The Bathroom

This is a perfectly natural reason for waking up. But if a person’s got another medical condition like diabetes or prostate issues, this can become disruptive. Even perfectly healthy people who drink too much water before sleeping can end up having their shut eye unnecessarily interrupted.

To fix this, try to moderate your fluid intake. If you do have to go, then keep the light levels low and avoid checking the time, so you can ease back into sleep.

Disrupted Sleep Due to Stress

Bothered by work? Toddler keeping you up at night? Fretting about the bills? Pressing matters that occupy your thoughts can end up disrupting your sleep. These can even have psychological effects.

Consider lifestyle changes to reduce these stressors. If dealing with your boss keeps you up at night and taking a toll on your health, then finding another job might be best. Separate work or stress-related items from your bedroom, the space where you rest. So keep your laptop, work phone and papers somewhere else. If these issues can’t be resolved, then try meditation or even psychotherapy, because if these stressors accumulate and aren’t treated then it’s not just your sleep that’s going to be affected.

What You Drink Could Impact Your Sleep

Some people use beer, wine or cocktails to help themselves fall asleep. While it might seem like it helps, alcohol ends up causing you to have less restful sleep. Though alcohol can make you drowsy and help you fall asleep, it actually prevents you from entering the truly restful REM-stage of sleep. Drinking a lot might also make people wake up in the middle of night to head to the bathroom or get drink of water. On the other hand, overworked individuals who’ve had too much caffeine will also have sleep issues.

There are a couple simple solutions to this problem. Obviously abstaining from alcohol and caffeinated beverages would help. Without going that far, you can avoid alcoholic or caffeinated beverages within 4-6 hours of going to bed.

Is Your Sleep Environment Comfortable?

Is the AC noisy? Does the sound of traffic reach your bedroom? Is poor ventilation causing your room to heat up? These can be real disruptors to sleep, even if you’re doing everything else right and living perfectly healthily. Try modifying your environment to be more conducive to sleep. Inform noisy neighbors to tune it down or bring it up with the landlord. Figure out a way to insulate your room from noises. Get that AC fixed, so it’ll be cool and quiet. Use earplugs if need be. If the disruptions are really bad and can’t be decreased, you might have to consider relocating.


Insomnia isn’t just a few sleepless nights, it’s an ongoing issue that lasts a while and inflicts a real toll on the mind and body. While causes and treatments can vary, insomnia can often be helped by establishing a bedtime routine that’s relaxing, quiet, and consistent. Try having warm showers and warm, non-caffeinated drinks before bedtime. Play some soft music or read a book as your day winds down. Get some exercise and avoid caffeine, cigarettes and energy drinks. Wake up at regular times and avoid oversleeping and daytime napping.

Find Answers with a Sleep Study in Jacksonville

If you’ve tried to establish a healthy sleep routine, but you still find yourself waking up at night, you might need professional help from the Jacksonville Sleep Center. Contact us today to schedule your sleep study in Jacksonville and start working on restoring your normal and restful sleep patterns.