The scene after Thanksgiving dinner where everyone is passed out after eating is a very common and relatable situation. There is so much time in the day that is wasted due to fatigue after eating. Most people know that you can get tired after eating, but some people don’t know why you fall asleep after eating. It could be an eating situation or an over-exhaustion situation in which case you should come down to the Jacksonville Sleep Center for additional help.

Why You Fall Asleep After Eating

Understanding the reasons why you fall asleep after eating will help fight the problem. There are several reasons as to why the body acts the way it does.

  • Circadian Rhythm
    • Circadian Rhythm is a natural, internal process that regulates sleep. Many things can affect this, for example eating before you go to bed. This would affect how you feel after eating in general. 
  • Certain Foods
    • Processed foods are usually loaded with added and refined sugars which can flood the brain with too much glucose. This can make you get tired. Fried foods are another one that can make someone sluggish. 
  • Medication
    • This one is a fairly looked over one, but some medications can cause fatigue after eating. 

Tips to Stop Falling Asleep After Eating

The easiest way to prevent this is to make small lifestyle changes. 

  • A regular sleep schedule
    • Having an abnormal schedule could throw off your circadian rhythm and make you feel tired at weird times. 
  • Activity after eating
    • Make sure that after you eat you get up and move around for a little bit. This can make sure your brain knows that you need to stay awake.
  • Fresh air
    • Going outside, getting some fresh air, and environmental change can help with tiredness. 
  • Napping
    • This one might be harder depending on the situation, but little 30-minute power naps can help prevent the constant fatigue and tiredness throughout the day.
  • Music
    • Listening to more upbeat music rather than something slow will help your brain move faster than it would otherwise.
  • Gum
    • Chewing gum is a great way to keep your body actively doing something so it stays attentive. 
  • Liquids
    • Make sure to stay hydrated, and also no alcohol with meals
  • Caffeine intake 
    • Be sure to not have so much caffeine in your body because the caffeine high can make you tired.

Jacksonville Sleep Center

Many of the mentioned facts above may not be the real reason why you might have struggles with being tired at times. Different factors can be at play as to why you may be falling asleep after eating. To make sure everything checks out, you should get in contact with us and see about making an appointment to see our professionals.