It is no secret that sleep is very important, for example, we spend around one-third of our life asleep. We should try to make that one-third of our lives as enjoyable as possible. Some people try to mix their sleeping habits with their awake habits and always fall asleep when watching TV. There are usually two scenarios that happen when watching TV at night. One is that you like the noise and are able to fall asleep to it. The other is the light emitting from the TV is too much for you to sleep through and keeps you awake. Ultimately, sleeping with your TV could be no issue at all or a severe issue for you. The factors depend on how the TV is affecting you. 

White Noise

Some people are just too tired to get a good sleep. These people need some form of help so they are able to function better the following day. Falling asleep when watching TV is usually only helpful when it is at a low volume. This low volume is helpful due to a concept called white noise. White noise is a range of frequencies that are meant to relax the listener. Frequent studies have shown that listening to white noise significantly improves your sleep if you are struggling to get some. There are also other types of “noises”, such as brown and pink, that have similar effects but sound different. Brown and pink noise tend to be on the lower frequency end and focus more on concentration rather than relaxation. 

Blue Light Emission

Blue light is the type of light that is emitted from your electronics like your phone, computer monitor, and TV. Blue light has the ability to mess with the body’s melatonin production. This is the only kind of light that can do this to you. The more you are watching something on your TV or phone the less good sleep you can get. It is a combination of the blue light preventing you from getting sleepy and your mind is occupied with whatever you are watching. This is what makes you too tired to sleep. Your body recognizes it is tired, but your mind is still functioning as if you are awake. Professionals like Dr. Nassar and Dr. Festic recommend not watching anything or using phones while you are getting ready for bed. 

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