Energetic children can be a distraction for everyone in the house when it is time for bed. Too much energy means less sleep, which leads to the kids being tired and not functioning properly. Setting up a proper back-to-school sleep schedule is very important. Knowing important tips might even help you learn how to fix your sleep schedule. 

Important Sleep Schedule Tips

These tips are primarily for kids’ back-to-school sleep schedules but could be for personal use as well.

  1. Establish a relaxing setting
  2. Have a consistent bedtime routine  
  3. No electronics an hour before bedtime
  4. Avoid stimulants like caffeine before you go to bed
  5. Do not eat a big meal before going to sleep
  6. Avoid any kind of physical activity at least two hours before bed
  7. Make sure the bedroom is dark, quiet, and a little bit on the cooler side
  8. Get up at the same time every morning

It is good to start easing the children back into these schedules about two weeks before they need to be on it. It can be done gradually if it is miserable for them at first. For example, wake them up earlier each day until you get them up at the correct time. 

Why Are These Tips Important?

During the entire summer, you were more than likely very lenient with your child’s bedtime. Being so tired after you just wake up is a terrible feeling, and that’s why we try our best to avoid it. These tips are meant to help with back-to-school schedules, but they can also aid in fixing your sleep schedule. It is important to try these tips because they have been proven to help people with sleep. 

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If you have tried all the tips above and still seem to have trouble sleeping then a trip to Jacksonville Sleep Center will be helpful. There are many reasons why people may not be sleeping as well as they should be, and our doctors are there to help in the best way they possibly can. If you believe it is time to seek some professional help then do not be scared to contact us today or visit our website to see what to do next.