Today, many people wear a smart watch on their wrist. Smart watches have become popular in the past few years due to their ability to track your health stats. These smart watches are able to track things such as your heart rate, oxygen levels, calories burned, and steps you take that day. Among their many functions, they are also able to track sleep. If you suffer from restless sleep could these smart devices help you?

What do Smart Devices Monitor?

These smart devices come in a variety of different forms to help track movement. Many are wearable trackers, such as a watch or ring. These smart devices can track a variety of things. Smart devices are able to track your movement, orientation, and rotation. The device collects data and converts it into steps, calories, and general activity you perform through the day. These devices track sleep, but are not very accurate. They are only able to gauge your sleep through your moments throughout the night.

How Accurate Are They?

Although smart devices have many different features that can help you understand your sleep patterns, they may still leave you having restless sleep. None of these smart devices track sleep directly. They use motion or your heart rate to measure your sleep quality. These smart devices also are not always able to accurately differentiate one sleep cycle from the next. Though interesting to monitor at home, only a sleep doctor can truly measure the quality of your sleep. People that suffer from insomnia appear to be asleep by lying still. These devices are great to stay connected with your phone and keep up with fitness, but they are not good gages for sleep patterns.

Will A Smart Device Help You?

A smart device can help with tracking your lifestyle habits, but they will not cure a person suffering from a sleep disorder. The smart device will also not be able to accurately track your sleep throughout the night. Going to a sleep center is the best way to accurately know your sleep habits or causes for problems. A sleep specialist can diagnose and treat sleep disorders. At the Jacksonville Sleep Center, you will meet with a doctor to review and discuss any sleep issues. Our goal is to also identify any other medical problem that may be contributing to the sleep disorder. Afterwards, we will focus on a physical exam by focusing on the structure of the airway and any other abnormalities.

Where to Get Help?

At the Jacksonville Sleep Center, you are able to meet with a sleep specialist to discuss any problems you may have. If you feel that you are suffering from restless sleep every night, coming to see a sleep specialist could help. By coming to the Jacksonville Sleep Center, you are taking one step forward to a better night’s rest. Book an appointment today at the Jacksonville Sleep Center.