A lot of people can’t wait to get home and fall asleep. They’ve had a long day, or maybe just haven’t been getting much sleep recently. Looking forward to being able to sleep, and rest your body and mind can be very important to people. Dreaming can allow us to escape reality and let our minds take the wheel. We only dream for about two hours a night, whether we remember the dream or not. Most people tend to forget their dreams, as this is completely normal, some people also experience vivid dreams. Here’s what you should know about vivid dreams.

Are You Experiencing Vivid Dreaming While Sleeping?

Being able to dream while sleeping, and vividly remember the dream, can be worthwhile. Typically, vivid dreams can give people the feeling of joy and happiness. One can be upset they woke up and wish they could go back to the dream. The person not only clearly remembered the dream but also very much enjoyed it. Then, there’s the other side of vivid dreaming. Some vivid dreams are scary and unsettling, this is what we call a nightmare. Most people have an occasional nightmare, which is completely normal. If you start getting nightmares frequently or most nights, then we recommend you visit us and see one of our sleep doctors

Why Am I Getting Vivid Dreams? 

If you’ve recently experienced vivid dreaming or you’re someone who experiences it quite often, you may be wondering why this is happening. Vivid dreaming occurs during the REM stage of sleep. A typical dream only occurs for about two hours and you’ll typically wake up right after. Below are some reasons that can be causing your vivid dreams:

  • Stress
  • Pregnancy
  • Sleep Disorder
  • Certain Medications
  • Lack of sleep
  • Restless sleeping

Sleep Supplements and Vivid Dreams

Some people believe that sleep supplements can enhance or reduce your vivid dreaming. In this case, melatonin has been found to reduce vivid dreaming in those who experience sleep interruptions, such as nightmares. On the other hand, some studies show that since melatonin  increases the REM sleep stage, people have increased vivid dreams. 

Sleep Doctors Near Me

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