When you lay down to rest your eyes are there factors that can help you sleep? Can these same factors harm your sleep? Sometimes you find yourself wondering why can’t I sleep all night? When it comes to getting an adequate night’s sleep your partner may have something to do with it.

Sleep Quality Is Higher

Researchers have found that when sleeping with a partner it can enhance your sleep quality. Having someone sleeping next to you can send your body into a deeper REM cycle. When you spend more time in the REM cycle it reduces stress overall. This means you wake up less stressed and more refreshed than sleeping alone.

More Sleep Makes Better Relationships

Not only does it help you to sleep with a partner, it helps the relationship in general. Couples that sleep eight hours a night together are found to be less hostile throughout the day. Also, while sleeping together you are both experiencing the decrease of stress levels. So, sleep more and stress less, seems like a fair trade to any couple!

You Can Still Sleep Good Alone

Do not panic, it is still possible to sleep well alone. Some even say after a split with a sleep partner they personally sleep better. It will take time to adjust to sleeping solo, around two years, but once you are adjusted you can still sleep in the REM cycle. It is important while sleeping alone to practice good bedtime habits. Try to stop drinking any caffeine after 3 pm and any soda after 7 pm. The better before-bed alternative is water.

Sleep Tips for the Couples and the Solos

Whether you sleep with a partner or alone here are some helpful tips from us over here at the Jacksonville Sleep Center. Turn off all screen time at least an hour before bed. This includes televisions, tablets, and cell phones. Before bed each night focus on things that calm your body down. A great example would be meditating or taking a warm shower.

Let the Sleep Experts Guide You

For someone dealing with not being able to sleep let our sleep clinic located in Jacksonville FL help you. We have a range of treatments and options on getting help. With our help you will finally be able to experience what it’s like to fall asleep swiftly and wake up feeling rested. Learn more about Jacksonville Sleep Center by scheduling an appointment with us.