Most people don’t give too much thought to the way they sleep at night. They fold back their sheets, grabbing their pillow and drifting off to slumber without thinking about their routine. But research shows that your sleeping position does matter and how you choose to position yourself while sleeping can affect your health and body. Below we’ll outline the pros of each sleeping position to help you determine which sleeping position is best for you.

Side Sleeping

The fetal position is the most popular sleeping position, with four out of 10 individuals preferring to sleep on their side. This sleeping position allows the spine to stay in alignment, and so it is ideal for those with back pain. Resting on the left side with a pillow between the knees helps to improve circulation and keep the organs from pressing onto one another, while also alleviating any hip pain. This position is especially great for pregnant women as it improves circulation and prevents the uterus from pressing against the liver.

Back Sleeping

Sleeping on your back can also be an excellent choice for keeping your head, neck, and spine in alignment, but it can cause lower back pain. By using the right pillow, this position can help alleviate or prevent acid reflux, and so it is a great choice for frequent heartburn sufferers. Back sleeping is, however, a bad choice for those who snore or suffer from sleep apnea as it can exacerbate these conditions or cause secondary problems. If you enjoy sleeping on your back, try placing a pillow underneath your knees to lessen any chances for lower back pain.

Stomach Sleeping

Experts agree that sleeping on the stomach is perhaps the worst position to sleep in because it tends to lead to neck and back pain. If you prefer sleeping on your stomach, it can help to use a softer pillow that will allow you to sleep with your face downwards.

Finding What Works Best for You

When trying to determine which sleeping position is best for you, you need to consider your comfort during the day. Just because you enjoy falling asleep in a given position, doesn’t mean your neck, back or hips won’t pay the price later in the day. Taking your time to find the best sleeping position for you is critical, and your body will thank you for it in the long run!

Jacksonville Sleep Center

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