It’s time to come out of hibernation! Winter is over, spring is here and summer is on its way. Now that the winter months are behind us, there are many more opportunities to soak up the sunlight! There’s no shame in avoiding the outdoors during the winter – it gets cold out there! But there is a slight problem with not getting quite enough sunlight.

So, why is there a problem? Well, when we go outside and feel those warm rays on our skin, we’re actually allowing the sun to aid our skin in producing Vitamin D.
So, what’s with this “Vitamin D” and why are we encouraging so much fun in the sun? Because Vitamin D levels affect the quality of sleep! When you have a Vitamin D deficiency you can experience sleepiness and fatigue, which is why it is so important to get the right amount of it into your system.

A recent case study produced interesting results – the patient being studied was a 28 year old female suffering from extreme sleepiness. She had a regular routine with a sufficient amount of asleep, no signs of narcolepsy, depression or anxiety, yet she still faced excessive sleepiness. However, when she began taking a Vitamin D supplement at 50,000 units once per week, she began noticing a decrease in her tiredness within two weeks.

Enjoying the sunlight isn’t the ONLY way to achieve sufficient Vitamin D levels in your body, supplements are also a good choice and you do get some Vitamin D from different foods, but it is certainly the most enjoyable option!

Sometimes, though, sunlight simply isn’t enough – that’s when you need a sleep doctor. Take our two-minute sleep quiz on our site and call us at 904.854.6899 to make an appointment today!